The following professional services are offered focused on Water and Wastewater Treatment and Industrial Filtration Applications: 

Strategic Planning Helping companies to plan for the future based on a thorough understanding of their markets, a realistic view of their products, a correct understanding of their competition and assisting with the execution of the plan to achieve the vision.

Business Development:  Before investing in product development consider if a strategic partnership would be a more efficient route to take. Nick can help you to evaluate technologies that would fit with your current product portfolio and route to market.

Mergers and Acquisition Support:  If your strategic growth options include acquisition Nick can help by identifying or assessing potential target companies, evaluating technologies, assisting with technical due diligence and advising on market segments and dynamics. Nick is experienced in carrying out site visits to assess companies, their management and staff and their facilities and technologies.
Sales and Marketing Consulting:  Whether you are a small start-up or a multi-national conglomerate, entering a new market or introducing a new product requires a thorough understanding of the best way to position your offering. With in depth knowledge of the filtration industry and applications Nick is well placed to give advice on route to market, strategic partnerships, and distribution channels including reps and agents.
Expert Witness Testimony:  If you need an expert opinion a customized market report can be provided as well as product or process assessment for commercial litigation, integer by integer explanation of patent claims in patent cases and opinion on design and functionality for technical disputes. If you need a good communicator with a strong technical background and a good understanding of contracts and applications contact [email protected].

Services Offered
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Pure water
Oily water
To get clean water (above) from oily water (below) needs the right choice of membrane